The Deep Caves

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The Deep Caves

Post  Plumora on Sun Aug 19, 2012 10:07 pm

This cave you decide to investigate on, but only climbing in through the top but having no way out once you reach the bottom.
In this cove you'll encounter narrow passageways, plenty of water to come across, as it flows through the cave, it either leads to an exit, or a pit.
These waters are combined with Leeches that have come from the swamps and Maroon Sharks; harmless fish, not so edible as it's taste is moderate.

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Re: The Deep Caves

Post  Sourava on Thu Aug 23, 2012 5:51 pm

"I only live to win."

The adolescent female withdrew her paws. Though she didn't want to admit it, she was utterly lost. Pine trees that meant nothing but severe loss barricaded Sourava from the real world. Feelings of defeat stormed inside of her. She began to wonder what life as a loner would be like. Previously, -before her failure at an exploration expedition- Sourava had been a talented huntress. Now, she felt she had utterly lost her sense of direction. Soar was hopeless.

A curious mockingbird fluttered down towards Sourava and sympathetically curled up next to her. Sourava, merely feeling irritated, sighed and indulged deeper into the cave. Stalactites and stalagmites, along with bats, all labeled the floor. There was no particular section of the floor, as it was all merged together in one big splat of messiness. Sourava carefully dodged the obstacles and located another tunnel, which she assumed would lead elsewhere through the thin rays of light shining through the cave entrance. She sighed despondently, as of the moment she began to miss her real home. But she knew that if she looked, she'd end up more lost than she already was. At least she could feed off of forest birds and bats here.

Suddenly, she paused. The light had stopped flowing. This corridor was dark; nothing but the entrance could be made out through the thick void. Deep inside, Sourava just wanted to run back. Forget this ever happened. Maybe call for help. Maybe hope, and if she hoped hard enough she'd make it home. All of the choices appealed to her except for the third. But she knew that that was what she had to do. She thought about what to call out. 'Help me?' No, it sounded too urgent and forceful. She needed to yell something from the heart, even though that is not how she felt. Sourava titled her jaw upwards. Her thoughts were focused on the pitch of her yowl. Someone had to hear it, if not all the bats. Someone else had to be out there! Through her violent thoughts, only one word came out with ease, "Help..."


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