Bearers of Elements

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Bearers of Elements

Post  Plumora on Sun Aug 19, 2012 1:09 pm

Greetings stranger! Welcome to your vast and spectacular indulgence. Here you'll be training to perform your own valuable skills of which you may practice more so, to become One with Fire, One with Ice, One with Wind, One with Sky, One with Water, One with darkness, One with Wood, One with Metal or One with Earth.

You must fight strong, be fierce or quiet, whatever you'll need to help you along the way. If you're allied with someone, you must rely on each other, if you're fighting alone you must realize your surroundings carefully, something could always lurk around you, and you may not notice.

Ranks are chosen by you and only you. If you decide to choose a Hunter, you'll be able to choose another type similar to the Hunter.

ℛanks~ A rank you may choose to hold in the beginning but ale to switch whenever you like. You may choose to have many ranks, BUT only one element.

Guards- The main rank that performs higher stamina and attacks on target. They will protect with all their might, and their skills focus on boosting their defense and focusing on attacks themselves.

Soldiers- This group is all about balance. They are the most competitive class in a war. Their skills center around attacks and simple buffs.

Hunters- A class with great accuracy when they are on the move. They are lethal with their weapons of archery. Balanced with their performance on the field, this group knows how to take care of themselves.

Snipers- Master of a long-distance combat, their attacks are deadly on short range. Their not as agile, but they can leave some lethal damage.

Rangers- Good guides when it comes to notifying a weapon and can approach them with the best knowledge to know. their appearance can be classified as somewhat of a hybrid between a soldier and hunter.

Scouts- A very agile class, they have ways of long distance travels and are slick with a weapon.

Bandits- A sneaky class that use large weapons to protect themselves against short distance attacks. They always carry a smirk on their face.

Infiltrators- A spy within stealth movements, the quiet side of the class. They have abilities of climbing trees without rustling the branches.

Witches- A class with a great knowledge of magic, they have the ability to heal though they usually spend more time buffing and de-buffing attributes.

Elves- A supernatural class of sizes and forms. Brought to nature these elves are fast builders and diggers. They can manuevor fast underground.

Ogres- A large group of creatures, that are slow at their pace but very destructive, they have glowing optics, and large bodies that help protect them from from anything that could harm them.

Centaurs- A human torso in an body of a horse. They were thought to carry bows and are very short tempered Creatures.But most Centaurs are good and work against evil.

With this, you'll be able to have a special meaning to your element, grant high skills or abilities to perfect it.

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